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Bill & Al

meet my friends, billy and allison. they are rockstars in nashville. for reals.
anyway, i don’t know why i love this picture so much. billy is turning on some sweet jams and allison is walking swanky up the steps. go with it.

allison is so pretty that it’s rude. she is also extremely sweet and funny. double rude. ok fine, it’s awesome.

fun fact about billy: he has a robot leg. i.e. a prosthetic leg from when he had cancer. his story is pretty amazing.

wait, who are those underwear models? what?! who just said that?

and sometimes when you live in the midwest, you just eat wheat on photoshoots. it’s a classic missouri thing to do. not really, but it happened.

all that nonsense to say, i love these guys. they have been very good friends for a long while now. not only are they rockstars, they are a treasure to have in our lives.

June 27, 2012 - 8:38 PM

emily anderson - these are soooo good. and good gracious, he looks like ryan gosling. am i the only one that sees it?

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