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baby wes

if you have more than one child, you’ll understand that when you bring home another babe, life gets real. like,View full post »

baby theodore

it’s always fun to take pictures of family but i found myself chatting too much instead of taking their photosView full post »

baby chloe

Meet baby chloe. i hear she is a feisty babe but she was a perfectly perfect girl for me. uhthankyou. i take full creditView full post »


look at these sweet girls. Doesn’t this first photo epitomizes motherhood? i love documenting these small momentsView full post »


you know i love the name georgie. i have a georgie of my own! so naturally, we have predestined them to be married at aView full post »

Baby Tye

This is the only photo I have of him crying. He was an amazing baby!! But I had to add this photo. . . real life.View full post »

Crabtree Twins

I love the Crabtree family. They’re so sweet and their two sweet babes are too. Maggie and Grace. Cutest namesView full post »

Hardy Family

So, I went to high school with Megan and now we’re all grown up with babies. When did that happen? Anywho, sheView full post »

Baby Ted

Meet the best baby in the world with the best name in the world. He barely made a peep while I had my camera in hisView full post »

lindsay and company

meet the severns family. dear friends and growing family. i remember when we let our babies play in my living roomView full post »

heather & company

i think there’s only one thing to say here: my uterus just exploded. and i actually have nothing else to say.View full post »


Our dear friends just had a babe. Well, he was born almost a month ago but who’s counting? He’s such a goodView full post »

Poppy Joy

Meet my best friend’s baby. Poppy Joy. Don’t you love her name? Don’t you love her eyes? I just re-View full post »

baby henry

baby, baby, baaaaaby, ohhhh, like baby baby baaaaaby… ok, i’ll stop singing justin bieber. plus,please thatView full post »

baby nona & company

i love doing newborn sessions in the home. it’s like we are able to take a small slice of everyday life so thatView full post »

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