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baby theodore

it’s always fun to take pictures of family but i found myself chatting too much instead of taking their photos. . . my b. thanks for letting me hang out with you guys and your sweet babe! it makes me sad that all my kids were bald. . .cause look at your son’s hair. a comb over?! rude. anywho, you guys are the sweetest family!


justina and tom

The one thing that sticks out when I think about Justina and Tom is their kiss! Man, when this couple locked lips it was like fireworks went off! Documenting their first smooch. . . and the smooches to follow were amazing! Justina and Tom are crazy about each other and the photos can’t help but show it. Thanks for letting me and Rachelle document your day!


audrey and jacob

yes, my sister-in-law has the same name as me. and up until this monday, her last name was the same too! but now, i have the name all to myself! can you believe it?!

i was honored to document their day. to any other person, this monday was about going to work, cleaning house and running errands. but to audrey and jacob, it was one of the most important days. . . THEIR WEDDING DAY! it started out with audrey’s baptism. the dog was swimming, the kids were playing in the sand, the old pastor was wearing overalls and  i found  myself wanting to cry from the sweetness. for reals. i guess it’s because this is a symbol of dying to our sin and being raised out of death into life, through jesus. i’m grateful that jesus is my righteousness. i’ve done nothing to deserve his grace and mercy but he gives it so graciously. he saw me at my worst and said “i’ll still die for you”. am i crying now? sure. go with it. wait, i’m not supposed to give a sermon! anywho, it was a beautiful moment to witness audrey being baptized and then married on the same day! i also loved watching jacob look at her. he loooooooooves audrey and it was easy to capture his stares. . .because he didn’t stop. i’m excited he’s my brother-in-law! welcome to the family my tall friend!

their wedding was low key. only immediate family and the pastors were there to witness. you could call us VIP’s i guess! there was no music walking down the aisle so jake started singing “here comes the bride” as audrey skipped to him. . . bare foot and all.  f  l  o  w  e  r    c  h  i  l  d  . i could write about it all day long but i’d rather show you their story. enjoy!

congrats audrey and jacob! love you!

i was kind of obsessed with the old man. you’ll find way too many pictures of him on your cd. i couldn’t help myself. forgive me. no, you’re welcome.

August 28, 2014 - 3:17 PM

Jenny Baker - Such beautiful pictures and congrats cousins on the beautiful occasion. Lots of love to you guys!! —-ky bakers :)

baby chloe

Meet baby chloe. i hear she is a feisty babe but she was a perfectly perfect girl for me. uhthankyou. i take full credit! wait no, i can’t. she was enjoying the company of her daddy and nurse rather than me. whatev’s.

i stepped into another world when i entered the nicu. it’s run like a well oiled machine and is full of passionate people. like, these doctors and nurses care for these sweet babies like they belong to them. chloe’s nurse never left her side while i was there. she made sure chloe’s dress wasn’t crinkled, and put her headband exactly where it needed to be. she also wanted me to get a photo of Chloe’s hair because it was getting longer. i mean, these are the details in someone’s life that makes the mom in me so thankful for nurses like this. they care about your kid’s hair (and also save lives. . .nbd) for crying out loud! and i really am crying. i know these parents are so grateful for these wonderful people in their lives. and i am too!

i got to document chloe and her daddy as well. it was such a sweet moment when she melted right into the bend of his arm as he whispered to her. he told her how pretty she looked in her dress and that he hoped he got the outfit right so mommy wouldn’t be mad at him. they looked so comfortable together. like they were meant for each other or something. thanks for letting me be a part of these sweet moments. they were really a joy to capture.

jodie, i expect your cold to go away so we can finally meet! but your husband and baby were very kind to me in your absence.

do you see her looking at me on the picture below? you are the sweetest baby chloe!

July 25, 2014 - 9:40 PM

Sherry Sandrock - My precious little granddaughter. Thank you.

July 25, 2014 - 10:43 PM

Amanda - So beautiful, Audrey! You did such a great job capturing this precious little peanut. And her dress!!! Great choice, dad!!

July 26, 2014 - 2:56 AM

nurse paula - These are AMAZING photos…I have tears as I am looking at them. You have captured the beauty and gift that is a child of God …midst the NICU tubes and life-saving equipment /sterile environment. What a precious gift you have. Thank you for sharing this with others. God Bless you!

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