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Baby Ted

Meet the best baby in the world with the best name in the world. He barely made a peep while I had my camera in his sweet face. And saved his poop explosion for his daddy. Team player. I loved hanging out with this sweet family too! They didn’t seem like first time parents to me. They made it look easy. Kind of rude.


Bellinder Family

I got to take picture of my family! This is my Aunt and Uncle-in law. Is that how you say it? Who knows? Who cares? They’re great!

Sure, there were times where they wondered why I was making them laugh like the brady bunch. Sure, I made Ben and Kathy smooch in front of me. But I would say it was all worth it. Anything for the shot right? I love the way they look at each other. Like, they’ve seen a lot of life together or something.

And this is real life. Why do I love getting these random moments? maybe it’s because we forget these sweet snippets in our days.

And I couldn’t resist adding this picture. You can tell this family has fun together!

And this one too. You guys are amazing.


tyler and kelsey

meet kelsey and tyler.
i’m sure you can see it on their faces, but they love each other so much. one of my favorite things about shooting weddings is when i can read excitement and anticipation all over the faces of the bride and groom.
we had so much fun shooting your day! and so many laughs.
thanks for letting us be a part of such a momentous occasion.

July 18, 2013 - 9:42 PM

bakerbaker - loves these james. for reals

July 19, 2013 - 3:42 AM

kimberly oyler - oh friend, these are great. we love them. preeeeetty disappointed that you didn’t throw the choking one in there though.

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